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Happy Thanksgiving,
We have some very special announcements to make today.  This year we have been building a very special online classroom and educational experience.  We will be launching our first online class this next month, but are offering our newsletter customers a preview and opportunity to register for the class before it fills. 

We expect this class to fill very quickly because of all the requests we have had.  Below you will find some links to the new website and the class in our online store.   This is a quick look only for this weekend.  We will close this preview on Monday.

Please view the website, see the FAQs in the top menu for more information.  We will be reducing all our posts on social media starting in 2017 and working directly with our students in the new online classroom and continuing education program.

We hope you enjoy this preview and for those registering for the class, we will be talking to you next week with some of the special features that will be coming to you in December before the class opens.


 Welcome to Jansen Art Online- Real Time Online Education

S101 Introduction to the Art of Painting Birds


Please visit our new website at;  Click Here


Visit the S101 Class Page Here.... S101 Birds

To Purchase the Class with this Thanksgiving Special

Click Here...  S101 Introduction to Art of Painting Birds



 Our new online classroom will feature many new streaming and live classrooms where we will be able to answer your questions in a live setting.  This is a very exciting and wonderful educational experience!  Don't delay, we expect this class to fill very quickly!





We have extended the coupon for our Thanksgiving Special

To help we are going to give for the first time EVER, 20% off everything in our store. 

Brushes, Paint, Books, DVDs.  Let's Get Painting!

Stock up, because starting next week we will be pushing the brush for the holidays!  Create some new and fun looks with us.


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We are sorry for the delay in our Quick Compositions books have arrived and we are shipping the orders.  YOU WILL LOVE THESE! 

If you have any questions please email us at

You can also call us at 717-361-2136 and leave a message.  We will return your call as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Martha, David, Jessica and Dave P.