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Celebrate our "Summer of Painting" with some new DVDs, lessons and NEW BULK ORDERS to save you on shipping!








MP4 HD Video and Lesson Now Ready for "Flycatcher's Garden!"



Start the "Summer of Painting" with a New Fun Technique!



This summer we are introducing a new painting technique that we are sure our artists will enjoy.  It is very versatile in looks and will allow each artist to develop their own styles.  We will begin the introduction of this technique with the release of a "Seminar in a Box" DVD set.  This 5 DVD set will feature 9 paintings, detailed explanations of the technique with many painted samples.

Read A LOT more on this series by click this link..... DVD4026 Heritage Porcelain



Those interested in this new technique...

Please check your colors and brushes, we will be adding some new pigments and color theory for this technique.  Don't miss out!


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