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Years ago, our studio would offer a First Day Autographed Edition of any new book publication. As printing costs increased, we had to abandon this practice. Now, the digital age of printing is here and we can once again offer this fun version of our new releases. This is a new method for us, so we ask for some understanding as we try to offer this new method and provide you with the greatest choices for your educational and fun painting experiences.


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A Study of Flowers- First Day Autographed Edition

Our studio will be releasing a First Day Autographed (if desired) Edition with DVD, of our new book. This version must be preordered, as only enough books and DVDs will be printed to fill those preorders. After August 1st, the Autographed Edition with the DVD will no longer be available. This book is being offered as a First Day, Autographed Edition for our customers who enjoy collecting David's lessons. The first day edition will come with a 2 hour DVD where David will demonstrate some of the techniques and concepts used in the book. These videos will later be available on our YouTube channel for our customers who order other versions. The First Day Edition is the only chance to own this DVD and we will only make enough for the First Day Editions.


A Study of Flowers

This 100 page book details the process of creating and designing smaller floral compositions. There are sections on color, compositional design, flower structure, turning flowers and various floral techniques artists can use to develop their own style of painting.   In one lesson, David will walk you through the process of painting a composition, then change the original plan to make the final painting. Sometimes artists need to change a plan, not get frustrated, and work their way through a painting. Watch as David evolves a painting with this process. The book also includes 6 painting lessons. 48 step by step photos are provided with each lesson shown in the book.


Amazon and Other Sources....

Many of our books are becoming available on  This book will be available on as well. We cannot however include the techniques DVD with books sold through Amazon as Amazon does not allow that type of sale. Therefore, if you wish the First Day Edition with the DVD, the order must be placed through our online store.   This book will also be made available in our popular download version as well as Disc. These versions will included the techniques DVD. Our customers who enjoy the downloading can purchase this version and save shipping costs. These versions will be available for purchase after August 1st. on our online store.   The Amazon version will be available for purchase after August 1st. Remember though, the Amazon version does not contain the DVD as Amazon does not make those types of sales.



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