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We have so many new things happening at our studio this week.  We are releasing David's Hindeloopen.  Every 10 years, David has created a Hindeloopen inspired painting, but uses the techniques that he uses today.  DVD1088 is that DVD and it is available now.

We have also added several downloads!  You have asked, and we have now added them.  Sorry for the delay.  Look for the download specials!  They end this week, so don't delay.


We have now created several professional Giclee's of our paintings.  They can be ordered from Fine Art America.  Please click the banner below and look at all you can do with our paintings!  Pillows and cell phone covers!  Martha already ordered her Iphone!


Finally, don't miss your chance to paint with our Jessica!  She is teaching at C2C next week and we hope to see you there.  Take a look at her classes.  We love them and are so proud of her as an artist and teacher.


David's new Hindeloopen inspired design.  DVD is finished and shipping on Monday, so don't miss this quick pre-order!  Save now!  Click Here!



V1080 Beginner's Guide to Birds-

Hermit Thrush

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V1081 Beginner's Guide to Birds-

Penelope's Flycatcher

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V1083 Beginners Guide to

Gouache Technique
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V1085 Heritage Rose-

Porcelain Technique

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DVD1079 White Tail Creek- Download

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Join David in the extended study of wildlife painting. This extended lesson will feature 2 video downloads with almost 6 hours of video lessons.

Learn how to layer snow with warm and cool colors to increase the depth and interest in the scene. All this from the basic 6 color palette and Yellow Oxide. David will use a 2 part alla prima technique which will allow you to apply more accurate details and refine the look of the deer, while also preserving the wet and wet spontaneous beauty of alla prima.



Our New Giclées!

New Professional Giclées from Fine Art America.  Check them out by clicking the photo.  You can choose your surface and frame! 




New Book Coming to Paint It Simply!- WE LOVE THIS ONE!
Use only 6 colors, learn casual compositional skills.  Features 11 painting lessons and lessons on causal flower compositions and tonal color.  Book also includes a 2 hours video showing the painting and color techniques used in the book.  Pre-Order you copy today!

Click Here to Pre-Order your first day edition copy. If you would like it signed, please add that to the comments sections.




 Join Jessica and the Heritage Teacher at C2C!


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Our Newest DVD has shipped!  Watch for this beautiful DVD!

Join David in this 2 1/2 hours study of some landscape techniques.  Learn to loosen your brush and add more powerful casual strokes for better visual depth and perspective.  David will take inspiration for several masters and show you how to develop you own look as you watch him create this painting for the first time!

Special Now- Watch our video in the store.  Click here to see the video on the store page.

DVD1086 The Storm Approaches



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We added 11 new videos this week to the channels! 
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