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Learn to create beautiful flowers with Paint It Simply Florals by David Jansen 


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Newsletter promo2Study acrylic painting techniques from the comfort of your own studio. We offer classes in styles such as landscape, florals, wildlife, Rosemaling, and more!


This seasonal newsletter features technique articles and blogs from associate artists. View as a PDF or find on Amazon.

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 Flowers and Floral Compositions

If you love painting flowers as much as we do, then this is the newsletter for you.  Each week David and Jessica create new floral compositions.  Stay up to date with those creations by subscribing to this list.  


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 Landscapes and Seascapes

We so enjoy creating new landscapes and seascape to tempt your brush.  From our historical studies to new concepts subscribe to this newsletter to stay up to date on our releases.   

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Rosemaling and Scrolls

We started as Rosemalers and continue our study and love for this style of painting.  In 2016 we release our new educational module 3 on rosemaling styles and techniques.  Follow our releases by subscribing to this newsletter.  

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Birds and Wildlife Paintings

Wildlife and birds are some of our favorite subjects.  This last year David and Jess created 5 books on these subjects.  Subscribe to this list to see our new publications and specials before they are released.   

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Original Paintings for Sale

Periodically we add our original paintings to our online gallery for sale.  If you are interested in collecting originals from our artists, please subscribe to this list. We will notify you when paintings, prints and other collectibles become available.  

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Weekly Specials

This is the super list.  Save on specials, discounts, and new releases.  Don't miss a thing by subscribing to this list.  We send newsletters with savings about once a week.   

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