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Next In Line is David's newest video lesson showing the techniques he has learned during his study of the Western Master Painters. Featuring new concepts and color mixing techniques, this class will challenge your brush and the way you approach painting. 

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Color, form, and edge control are vital to convey a story and build depth in the design. By applying these techniques to objects that you don't usually paint, you will feel tremendous growth and confidence in your brush. 

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Thumb C302 introNext in Line Introduction     Thumb C302 color 250Broken Color Concepts

Broken color is key to a design's story and an essential technique for the Western painting genre. But, how does broken color work? How do we break old color mixing habits? Throughout this course, David addresses these common questions and more.



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  Learn to adding details without disrupting the story.


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 Finally, David shows you how to make a large, attractive, yet inexpensive frame. He explains the step by step process for creating a linen liner that adds a luxurious, textural contrast for an elegant look.

 Join the adventure into western genre painting and take your artistic journey to new places!



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