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Vol 375               June 2024         



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Rock n' Roll those brushes! 

The fusion flat brushes are the hardest working tools at the Jansen Art Studio. From voluminous clouds and mighty trees to lively blossoms and soft roses, these brushes do it all!

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 Although the soft, absorbent, faux squirrel hair was designed for watercolor, we love the way it moves even the thickest acrylics quickly and easily. The crisp chisel edges are perfect for corner detailing and petal edging techniques. 

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We reach for these brushes time and time again, year after year

Our favorite brushes in more sizes! Shipping December 1st 

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The 1/2" Fusion Flat is a comfortable step up in size from the #10 Fusion Flat. The 1" Fusion Flat is the next size up from the 3/4" Fusion Flat. It is easel-ready with a new long handle!  

The PreOrder Large Fusion Flat 4 Brush Kit 
includes the clear acrylic short handle and long black wood handle variations for both sizes.

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"Always use a full brush and a larger one than necessary." - John Singer Sargent

Looking for other sizes? 

Click Here for Large Fusion Flat Series and Click Here for Standard Fusion Flat Series

 More New Products 

PreOrder Sample Sets will be available soon 

The Matisse Derivan Company manufactures the Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics in Rhodes, Australia. Not only is the Derivan Company dedicated to making quality, environmentally responsible products, but they are also advancing the science of paint making. These new products are compatible with Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics.

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Add a small amount to your paint and your palette will stay wet for days! The thicker consistency won't thin out your colors. No more waiting to globalize colors- mix and use immediately!
PreOrder Specials start soon.

MM2M3One drop will thicken a puddle of paint in seconds.
Seriously- it's incredible!

We will have a very limited supply available in November with more available in Spring 2021.

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