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We have moved all our Media Files over to our new partner server with Amazon.  This new high speed download server will serve large files anywhere in the world.  We hope you enjoy this new feature.  As always, if you have any trouble with a download, just email us and we will be happy to assist you and give you more downloads.  Your E-products never expire in our store.


DVD1064- Download

Special this weekend only!


We have added the download to our new DVD1064 Hanging Fruit Festoon.  It is on special this weekend for those who have been waiting for the download. 


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It is here... For those waiting for our popular Heritage Education Module 2 as a download, we have it now available and on special!


The series features 14 Download Videos that you can watch in your DVD player, home theater, computer and mobile devices. It also features a PDF Lesson with over 1,000 step photos, 238 pages of written lessons and complete step by step instructions for each of the technique.

You can also join us in our online classroom to receive help on your paintings!  Start Module 2 now!


Special Ends Sunday!

Save over $80 Now over the DVD version. 

This special is limited time only.

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The First in a series of Landscape Technique Videos

DVD1066 Painting Trees- Simple and Effect Technique



DVD1066 Painting Trees- Simply and Effective Techniques.

Special ends this week..... $ 19.95- Save over 20%

Join David on in this 2 hours journey into painting trees.  From the Dutch Golden Age through the Victorian Landscape painters and Pre Raphaelites, David will show you the concepts and techniques used to paint effective trees.

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 New Book Coming in 3 weeks!!!


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