DVD1068 Surf at Sunset- New Technique


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We are really excited about this one.  Thank you to all of you who wrote us after seeing this painting on facebook.  We love it too!

We have added this new FUN technique DVD to the online store and opened it up for preorders.  We feel it is one of the best videos we have produced to date!  Includes the special "The Wave" beginning seascape video. 

Wonderful Video for beginners or those who have always wanted to paint a seascape. 


Please Click Here to See This New DVD in Our Store... DVD1068



Why do we produce pre-orders?

Due to the size of our instructional DVD inventory, we can not stock all DVDs all the time.  So, we make them in smaller runs.  When you pre order the DVD, this gives us a better idea of the number to produce with the initial run, saving us time, money and lots of work.  We pass that additional savings on to you with a pre order discount.  We thank you very much for your support in this practice.  It really helps us out!


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David, Martha, Jessica and Dave P.