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Dear Visitor


Happy Spring!  Our new container of paint is due in here on April 8th and after a few days to unload we will have all our colors and paint sets back in stock.  Thank you for your patience as we waited for these colors.  There was a pigment shortage for the color Naphthol Red Light which delayed everything at the factory, but we have it now!

To celebrate we have put our sets on a little extra special for 3 days only!  You can fill up your pack rack and prepare for a Spring filled with new painting techniques!  Stock up now while they are in stock and on sale! 







Sale is 3 days Only!


New Color Sets On Sale

Our container of paint is arriving this next week.  Preorder you new sets which we have on special for the next 3 days only!







Pre Order Sale Ends Tomorrow!

This is the one and only time the Module 3 will be on sale. 

 The size of the module has been increased!

Heritage Education Module 3- Rosemaling

New Contemporary Lessons Added!

Valdres lessons in Module 3.  Historical to new contemporary backgrounds and techniques.

The size of the We have added a second 150 page book to the module that is the perfect palette companion for you studio.  To read more about this educational module we have made an in-depth description on the online store.  Read more by clicking the link below.

24 Hours of video lessons with over 300 pages  360 pages of written lessons.   Each style lesson contains 40 to 50 step by step photos.




New Books Coming This Spring!


We have so many new things coming for you this Spring.  We will continue with our Mastering Roses series with the next 2 books showing new techniques that David uses.  For our landscape painters we will be releasing the new waterfall paintings for our rocks and water series.  Wildlife Landscapes vol. 2 is also coming along with a new series called "Ships at Sea".  Join us for a fun filled Spring and Summer of painting and creating!



Thank you so much for your support.  If you have any questions please contact us.  Since we are a small business, we can not man the phones at all times.  Just leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.  You can also email all your questions.  Again, thank you for supporting our studio and the paintings we love to present.

David, Martha, Jess and Dave P.