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 A special thank you to all who have ordered the preorder for the new books!   Our studio puts a tremendous amount of effort in putting together books with video lessons with the preorders.  In an effort to continue book and video lessons, we will be changing our book purchasing policy for these and future releases.  After the preorder period of a book, the video lesson must be purchased separately from the book.  This gives extra special savings to those who take advantage of the preorders and lets us plan our shipping and ordering in a more timely fashion.  Thank you to all who are taking advantage of the preorders.  This helps us schedule printing and producing videos.  We hope you hare having a great spring and getting lots of beautiful things painted!



Learn the Secrets to Fun and Fast Landscape Painting!

Our Quick Landscapes Techniques will feature 5 lesson paintings.   Please click the book to see more photos and read about the book.


Click the link below to read more about the series.  One Special Now for just a few more days! 

After the preorder time has expired.  The Video Lesson will not be available with this book.  Order now and make sure you get the video and book and save $24.






Pre Order Ends Monday!

Learn New Flower Painting Techniques!

PreOrder Now and receive the extra DVD Lesson! 2 book lessons and 2 video lesson for the cost of 1 DVD.

Pre Orders receive extra DVD lessons not available after release. 

Click the link below to read more about the series.  One Special Now for just a few days! 






If you have any questions please email us at or call us at 717-361-2136.
Thank you for supporting our studio and our love of painting!

Martha, David, Jessica and Dave P.



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