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Thank you to all those taking advantage of our Garden of Birds Vol. 3 Special.  The preorder special will end Tuesday 10/4 as the book is going to be printed so we can keep with the release date.  Order now to receive your free DVD, a $29.9 value.  This DVD will not be sold with the book after the pre order has expired.



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Garden of Birds vol. 3


FREE 3 hour DVD lesson included with pre orders only.



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After the Pre Order, books will not be sold with

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New Educational Series Coming in October!

Quick Compositions, Theories and Techniques

This is a dream series for us. We will present the lessons in a new format. First book 1 which is the primer for the series. Book 1 (Primer)  cover techniques and color theory, including the use of new colors to the Paint It Simply lesson format.  Primer covers seascapes, landscape, flowers and scroll techniques as well as color theory.

Each lesson book is 98 pages and contains 20 step photos for each lesson. 11 lessons in each book!  Patterns also included, however the goal is freehand painting and this will be taught in each lesson introduction.  For more information on this series and to see all lesson photos please click this link....








Free to Watch, YouTube Instructional Video

This 39 minute video shows you a few of the techniques that are coming in our new Quick Composition books. 

We hope you enjoy viewing this video.






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