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We have finally added the "Surf At Sunset" to our cloud and it is ready for download.  We have put it on special until Saturday May 10th.  Save 20% now with the download.  As always, if you have trouble, let us know and we will extend the download times for you.


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We are really excited about this one.  New technique and fun painting.  Join David as he paints this really different technique for the first time with you.  Filmed as he creates the painting you get to hear all his thoughts as he paints the clouds, land and ships.  David will show you how he approaches the painting for the first time and develops the objects in relation to each other.  Following the Paint It Simply approach, create this beautiful painting in 2 1/2 hours.  

Join us for this new adventure in painting fun!


Available for order now!  Save 20% until Saturday May 10th.



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