Online Class Opening Soon


Dear Visitor
We are gearing up to open the classroom on S104 Art of Flowers.  This will be
our largest online event ever held at our studio.  Registration will end soon so time is short.  Why do you need this floral class,  here are some highlights.....


1. Self Paced-  work at your own speed when you have time.


2. Access- Never ends.  You can use your class for years!


3. Both LIVE and Streaming classes.  You can download them and save all the information!


4. Access to ALL JansenArt Online activities.

5. Class includes 1 week in person seminar at our new

Gallery/ Classroom in Sidney Ne.  Come meet your classmates!


6.  For ALL LEVELS, including beginners.


The class will cover flowers styles such as Dutch, Grisaille, Penumbra, and continue through various styles leading up to the Paint It Simply flowers we do for today's galleries.  Watch LIVE Classroom sessions and streaming sessions and ask questions as you watch.  Then save those sessions so you can watch over and over in the future!


Payments are accepted just contact us.  After November 26, we will no longer be making payment plans, as the class will be beginning.



NOW is your time...  We are about to start the greatest online class we have ever taught, and you don't want to miss it.  Don't worry about time, it is self paced.  You can take 5 years to paint the lessons if you want.  Time to stop saying "I wish I could paint that" and time to learn how to paint that :)



Need a little more information? 

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at   As always thank you for your support and we look forward to rosemaling with you this year!


Martha, David, Jessica and Dave P.