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Special Pricing ends this week! 

S201 Color Theory & Techniques for

Contemporary & Historical Art



Registration is at a special price until January 18th. 


This is our ultimate color theory course. You have lifetime access to the material and we will continue to update and add to the class all year and into the future. 

This year, we will build more than 100 hours of video lectures. David will demonstrate 40 painting exercises with flowers, landscapes, scrolls, wildlife and more. There are no time limits and you never have to worry about lost lessons.  All lessons and materials can be download or streamed.


The first 2 lectures and 2 painting exercises are available now:

             IMG 4313THUMB   IMG 4312 THUMB


These paintings use 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, & white.

Only 4 colors! 


"Knowing, seeing and understanding color is a lifelong journey.  It is the foundation of confidence and you need it to paint.  It is that simple. Applied color theory has made me into the artist I am today. It is the "spark" of my creativity.  You will not believe how these concepts will improve all the paintings you do.  I highly recommend this course to all my students and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed." - David Jansen


In addition, S201 online students receive a 35% discount on Heritage paint for the entire year.  The S201 students are invited to the Sidney Fine Arts Center, in September 2019, for a free week of applied color theory studies. Bring your questions to a live class.

We hope to see you in this year's colorful adventure!




Please let us know if you have any questions.

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