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Dear Visitor

Hello Fellow Artists,

After speaking with students in the S201 Color Theory Class, we have decided a couple things.


First, you will see a HUGE expansion of the class coming April 10th.  We are designing an entirely new section of brush painting techniques.  This section includes several painting exercises to help you practice the brush techniques. 


For example, some students want more practice on the acrylic shear technique as it relates to tonal value.  Others want to learn the "shuttle blending" technique I use in many landscape and marine paintings.  So, we are going to incorporate it all methods I use in painting.  It will be a lot! 


Next, the S201 Color Theory Class is now a "CORE" education program for Jansen Art Online.  All S201 online students are invited to a free week-long seminar at the Sidney Fine Art Center that includes paint and surfaces. Artists that want to attend these advanced seminars must have taken the S201 online course.   Why are we doing this?  We want to make sure that those attending have a good foundation of color and techniques.  With a standardized language of color, we can work together more effectively and teach more material during the painting week.  When you attend a Sidney event, you know you will receive an excellent educational value.  Invitations to seminars and special events are only sent to our S201 online seminar students.



Coming in May-


We have had SO MANY requests from students wanting in-depth lessons that focus on the wide variety of roses that David paints.  A few years ago, we began a series of books called "Mastering Roses."  Now, in addition to the downloadable books, we are expanding the series to incorporate more videos. This is a complete rose painting course titled "Understanding and Mastering Roses." 


This class is for beginning painters as well as advanced artists and concentrates on painting the rose and rose compositions.  This is a lifetime course as David continues to expand in new directions.  An interactive class, David will film questions and answers as we go. 


Students attending the S201 Color Theory Class will receive a 50% discount on the class and invitations to "Rose Clinics" at our Sidney Fine Art Center and Pennsylvania Studio.   Watch for more details coming soon! 


Thank you for joining us on this creative journey. Our goal is for everyone to succeed and create beautiful works of art.  Our desire for the future is to make our Art Center the premier art education center that gives students the foundations they need to succeed. 


  Our hope is to make our classes a freindly learning environment for all of us.  No time pressure!  Learn at your own pace.   Come join us!!!!



Please let us know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Jess Jansen & Family