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 We have released our New DVD so watch for it starting this week!

 Special Ends Tomorrow!  Don't miss your Pre-Order!



Paint Impressions Special Printing Tomorrw.... Don't miss this pre-order.  We are producing a new updated DVD for these books.

 Special Pre Order Price...  Save Over $15 when you but both... 


Please click the photos to see the books and pre-order your special printed copies.  This includes a new DVD with  new Paint It Simply techniques.  We have updated the DVD to new information and new additional techniques.


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 Why do we do Pre-Orders?
As you know, the art industry has all but collapsed the past few years.  This fact makes printing books extremely expensive for us.  To help with this cost, we only print what we have orders for.  This saves you money and allows us to offer you a printed book.  If you wait, to order later, the cost of the book will be more and you will have a longer delay in receiving your book.  So, if we work together, we can rebuilding our painting industry!


Thank you for your support.  We appreciate it!





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