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Fall is here....  Time to get back to painting!  Let us help you with some new ideas, techniques and fun classes!





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We are ending the "preorder" for a new book that has just arrived in our studio.  This preorder is at a special price and contains a 2 hours techniques DVD showing in detail the "warm grisaille" and mountain techniques David uses in the book.   


B5020 Painting Wildlife Landscapes- Art of Painting- Release Date  9/25/2015 

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SPECIAL NOTE-  If you would like an autographed "First Day Issue" copy, please add the name you would like the book autographed to in the comments section of the store on checkout.  Thank you. 


Join David in our first ever wildlife landscape painting book.  This book is presented in our "Art of Painting" format where we teach you more about being an artist. How to draw, sketch and capture the elements in the painting and render them correctly for color and shape. David has painted these beautiful paintings wildlife paintings for many years, but normally does them for commission and not for teaching purposes.  Now, we will step inside the studio and take a close look at the techniques he uses to quickly capture some of his unique looks.

Warm grisaille is a technique he will show you on 3 of the paintings in this book. This new technique allows you to quickly set the depth to the painting. David will show you how to warm the colors we have in our Grisaille Kit, to quickly add the colors and interest to the mountains and water. Then, learn how to use some unique palette knife techniques and a few fun large brushes to paint the rocks, trees and grassland. All the techniques are designed to create the atmosphere and artistic perspective that make these wildlife paintings collector's items. Join us in this 4, large painting lesson journey. Learn clouds, mountains, water, grass and trees. Learn how to "see" the objects and render them quickly and effectively keeping the overall goals of the painting in line.

As an artist, David always says, if you want to paint roses, then learn how to paint clouds and water. Paint the sea. Being an artist is about learning to see. Once you can see how to render an object of nature, you can paint anything. Come join us on this artistic journey, The Art of Painting.


This release will include a special 2 hour instructional DVD showing the techniques David uses in the book. 







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