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At some point, every artist desires to create their own look. This is natural creative growth and artistic progression. We start as students but over time we become ready for more. You're not alone. The question is- how do you do it?

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After years of studying genres, masters and their techniques, and most importantly, breaking painting habits, David noticed consistent visual elements in beautiful works of art. How artists express these elements is the foundation of personal style. Learning to recognize and understand the visual psychology of art is key.
What are you really seeing?

Thumb elk 500Carl Rungius Stampede (1892)

In master paintings, the overall effect hides the techniques used. Uncovering the methods and learning to see those techniques, increases our understanding and appreciation of the arts. To establish a style, identify the important elements and interpret the techniques in your own way.


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David Jansen (photo), Frans Mortelmans and Carl Rungius

Light is key to an exciting painting. Sometimes it is easier to study light movement on a round subject, such as a rock, and then apply it to a floral composition or animal.

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For a few years, David has encouraged his painting friends to find their styles. Now, he is presenting the lessons to his online students. It will be challenging-these exercises are designed to make you think through the painting of an idea. But with each challenge comes new confidence in your abilities and confidence is crucial to advancing your brush. We can't wait to start this journey with you!



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