Snowshoe Hare



Dear Visitor


We have added a new section to our online classroom called "Creative Corner".  This section will be filled with fun things to paint.  All videos are filmed at a slower more relax style so we can just paint together.  


To start this new section we have added David's brand new "Snowshoe Hare".  This 14 X 18 painting is filmed in 90 minutes and is loaded with textured strokes which are so much fun to paint! 



The Snowshoe Hare is on special for the next couple of days so if you want to try one of our online classes and need something fun to "spark" your creativity then give this one a try!

Click this link to see our new class- Snowshoe Hare.




Please let us know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

The Jansens