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 Join David as he paints this a 19th-century frigate sailing ship.  When sailing vessels enter a storm, they take down most of the sails and leave only a few up to navigate the churning ocean.


Once they leave bad weather, the sailors begin to add the sails again. This ship is just coming out of a powerful storm and returning to full sail. Join David as he demonstrates acrylic techniques for painting layered colors on the sails. Learn to layer warm and cool scumbling to build powerful storm clouds. Paint a stormy sea with pure acrylics! 


7 Hours of video lesson.  Pattern, photos and extra videos included.  On sale for a limited time. 


Click here to see the registration page and information.  

C901 Adding Sails




CC110 Regal Valdres Inspiration

Join David in this 1 hour 45 minute painting of contemporary Valdres inspired design.  Watch him design the composition and then decorate using new pure acrylic techniques!

Class includes- video lessons, pattern, photos and access to extra features.  Lifetime membership!


ON SALE FOR 2 DAYS ONLY!    $15.96

Expires 10/13


Registration is EASY!  Join us in the class and then join us in the forums to share photos and questions!


Click here - CC110 Regal Valdres Inspiration


Our new expanded Jansen Art Online classes are expanding once again.  We currently have just over 740 members in the classes and growing! 

Jess has built a new welcome page to the classrooms where you can see just what our expanding website has to offer!

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Jansen Art Online Forums

We are growing!  We have added several new groups discussing a wide variety of painting topics.  These forums are for all registered members of our website.  You must be a member of at least one class or Art Videos Direct to join the forums.  This keeps all discussion painting oriented. 

Let's help each other!




Rose Teacher Program is NOW OPEN!

This program is a low cost program to help our students become teachers.  Program includes 18 rose paintings.  12 Written lessons in 3 different levels and 6 video lessons.  There are also 9 extra paintings for inspiration you can use in your classes! 

We provide all the materials and teachers can copy and use them in their classes.  We also have a media kit to help you promote your classes and special paint and brush buying program to allow you to sell to your students.  We have a new forum group as well where teachers can talk to each other, ask questions and learn how to promote. 



Take you artistic journey in new directions and become a rose teacher!

Teachers should have taken one of the following online courses,  S104, S105, or S201 Color Theory.  Students that have taken the S201 Color Theory will receive a 50% discount on the cost of the course.  We believe in Color Theory education and we will support and promote all Color Theory students. 





Please let us know if you have any questions.

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