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Presenting the Jansen Art Online Fall 2019 Class Catalog!
We hope you enjoy paging through the available designs.

Newsletter coverJansen Art Online Fall Catalog


Featuring 5 Classes for $50 Flash Sale
Expires Nov 5th!


Grab your brushes and join us online!

Paint at your own speed & in your own space. Download lessons before travel or stream videos instantly. Advance your painting skills on your own schedule.
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Recent Addition:

Preview CC112 Swainsons HawkSwainson's Hawk

Other Painting Ideas:

Rose 2Regal Valdres Wild 9FLASH SALE: Painting Rocks & Water
Wild 9Textured Seascape Rose 4Decorating Trays
Wild 9Snowshoe Hare Wild 9Diamond Peak



 Happy Painting!




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