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These 5 X 7-inch fine art cards are printed on 14 pt heavyweight card stock with a glossy UV protective coating. Includes envelopes.

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 A Note from David


Five years ago, the daisies below completely changed my painting. If you were to point to one design that had the greatest impact on the roses I paint today, it would be these daisies. I was studying Au Premier Coup and Alla Prima brush calligraphy. Until then, I would never have left such a massive number of brush strokes in a painting. I blended and mopped the heck out of everything. I saw that the masters kept their strokes loose yet powerful. So I painted the daisies on the left and challenged a student, Tamae Inoue, with the same idea. She almost passed out but made it through..LOL! Afterward, we had tremendous growth in our roses.

Expressive Brush


One of the concepts in the new book, Animal Generations, is "movement areas." We define shape and contour with tone and calligraphy. To leave visible tones and strokes, the movement and color have to be perfect. It is a great painting exercise that will change you as an artist.


For the video lesson, I wanted to highlight the expressive brush. I am very proud of this video lesson and those in the new book. Learn how to paint with the expressive brush, and it will add extra interest and artistic flair to your work. Be expressive, and it will open many doors!


Newsletter Generations Book

Animal Generations features 4 fun painting lessons but the book includes so much more! There are 20+ pages of brush and color mixing techniques that train you to paint faster and with more interest. Your painting technique makes all the difference. Join David as he starts a new series on painting animals with this unique take on compositions!  




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