Story of Cinderella, Collectors Editions



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Holiday Painting Time!,

Every few years we release a very special design in our Collector's Series.  This year we are releasing a very special DVD set painting our "Story of Cinderella".  The original was painted in 2013 for a very special limited seminar here in Pennsylvania.  We are going to release this DVD beautiful painting as a colletor's edition.  This means we will offer the DVD for a limited time, and then the design and DVD will be retired, never to be produced again.


We must receive your order for this collector's edition by Jan 10th.  We are setting a limit on the production of this edition so we advise not waiting too long.  The edition features 4 DVDs showing the entire painting and also includes a special video on "Painting Whimsical Faces" by David.  The solid wood triptych will also be offered for a limited time.  Click the photos below for more information.  Time to paint this beautiful story!







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You can also call us at 717-361-2136 and leave a message.  We will return your call as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Martha, David, Jessica and Dave P.