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Welcome to the new year and what a busy time it will be!  We have so many new adventures planned for the new year and we are excited to get started.   



January 11, 2019 we will be broadcasting a LIVE class for our online students and Art Videos Direct customers.  This will be a painting demonstration and question and answer.  Want to see David paint something LIVE?  Just ask!   Class will start at 8pm Eastern time and usually goes fro about 2 hours.


S201 Color Theory and Techniques

for Contemporary and Historical Art



This new class is now open.  Registration is on special until January 16th. 

S201 is a lifetime class.  This is going to be our ultimate color theory course.  You will have lifetime access to this course and we will constantly be updating and adding to the class as new colors, techniques and theories are discovered. 


This is our premier class for 2019.  We will be featuring more than 100 hours of video lectures.  40 painting exercises covering  flowers, landscapes, scrolls, wildlife and so much more.  The first 2 lectures and 2 painting exercises are posted in the classroom now.


(Special Note from David)
Over the years, many artists have asked me how to improve their paintings.  I always say there are 3 components to being a great artist:  color, technique and design.  By mastering those elements, you can do anything.  Many artists paint only what they like which can lead to frustration when trying  new techniques.  Most of that frustration comes from "applied color theory".  Why does your paint dry so fast?  One reason is that you are playing with the color because you don't have the correct tone. 


Knowing, seeing and understanding color is a lifelong journey.  It is the foundation of confidence and you need it to paint.  It is that simple.   Forty years ago, this course changed my life and the way I paint.  Fifteen years ago, I made a Color Theory DVD series.  While it is still an amazing DVD series, I have even more to add, including the concept of "applied color theory".   Applied color theory has made me into the artist I am today. It is the "spark" of my creativity.  You will not believe how these new concepts will improve all the paintings you do.  I highly recommend this course to all my students and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 


As we said, S201 is a lifetime course.  There is no time limits and you never have to worry about lost lessons.  All lessons and materials can be download or streamed.   If you lose your download, just return to the classroom and download again.  No limits.  S201 online students also receive a 35% discount on all paints for the entire year.  S201 students are also invited to join us in Sidney, NE the first week of September 2019, for a free week of applied color theory studies.  This will be held at our Sidney Fine Art Center.  We hope you join us for this 2019 color experience.

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