Jansen Art Studio - Sidney Fine Arts Center

Historical and Contemporary Art

Welcome to Our New Studio/ Gallery Location in Sidney Nebraska!

Sidney Fine Arts Center located in Sidney, Nebraska will also be a second location for our Jansen Art Studio Inc.   This beautiful old brick building was built in 1918 in the center of town.  From 1918 until 2006 it was the Methodist Church in Sidney.  The building became the Sidney Fine Arts Center in 2006 when it was purchased by artist Jess Nelson.  David and Martha purchased the Arts Center from Jess Nelson in 2017. 

The Sidney Fine Arts Center features 3 classrooms, various galleries, 2 kitchens, personal residence, pottery and kiln rooms, 23 separate rooms!  The large main lecture hall can seat over 400 people.  Throughout 2018 the Jansen Art Studio has been renovating the rooms with new paint, plaster and custom decorations.  The plan is to develop 11 different galleries and keep the classrooms for various classes and seminars.  This will be a wonderful art education center in the future.


2018 Online Student Expo- Sidney Fine Arts Center

In the Fall of 2018 the Jansen Art Studio sent out special invitations to their students who have been enrolled in the online classes.  The goal was to give these online students a special pre opening look at the new Art Center.  Although the building was not completely finished we had a tremendous amount of fun during the 3 week event.  This event was a good test run for future seminars and events within the building.  Students came from various countries to hear lectures, attend classes and share the love of creating art. The event was scheduled to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the building and the start of Oktoberfest in Sidney.

Here are a few photos from our 2018 Sidney Fine Arts Center  Online Student Expo


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