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Welcome to Our Acrylic Alla Prima Lessons 

The "Painterly Brush"

Alla Prima 

Alla prima is a painting technique that describes a direct painting approach to the surface. Paint is applied wet on wet, generally without letting earlier layers dry if using oils. Acrylics can be kept wet or use a dry halftone or fusion type techniques. In Italian, Alla prima means "at first attempt", which means it is normally done in one sitting.


Painterly describes a certain look or qualities of a painting that are distinct to an artist or brush style emphasizing the art of painting. These qualities include brush calligraphy, use of color, style, textures, and techniques. ... Artists with a painterly style include Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, John Singer Sargent and many of today's modern impressionists.

Learn NEW modern acrylic Alla Prima techniques with David.  
We will add 1 new lesson each week, so check back often!


Learning to Paint with Heritage Acrylics?

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