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How is your new year? Need a little colorful inspiration?


January has been busy at the Jansen Art Studio and we have lots of exciting plans for 2020. We are exploring new acrylic mediums, filming engaging new courses, expanding available prints and digitally archiving classic designs.

And painting- lots and lots of painting!

We are here to help you on your creative journey. Please reach out if you have questions along the way!

New Greeting Card Designs featuring
Contemporary Telemark & Valdres Rosemaling 

Newsletter Card Set 2 500

We love these greeting card prints!

The 5 X 7-inch fine art cards (blank inside) are printed on 14-pt heavyweight card stock with glossy UV protective coating.


Now Available on Limited Edition DVD & Download


Carosel C302 600


Click Here for Limited Edition DVD

Next In Line is David's newest video lesson showing techniques he has learned during his study of Western Master Painters. Featuring new concepts and color mixing techniques, this class will challenge your brush and the way you approach painting. 


Click the Images Below for Video Lesson Previews
Thumb C302 introNext in Line Introduction     Thumb C302 color 250Broken Color Concepts


Downloadable Video Lessons at Jansen Art Online


Carusel Newsletter 2



Carosel Newsletter 

Create wonderful roses and blossoms using flower painting techniques such as halftone colors and shearing. Learn to recondition and design on metal trays giving them life & beauty. 

Carosel Newsletter 2



Please let us know if you have any questions.

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The Jansens