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Welcome to our studio and gallery page.  Please pardon us as we update and expand our websites.  

Currently we are adding new videos and features to our Free Videos section of the website.  Please click the button to visit those pages.  A new menu will open to help you decide what to watch.

Free Videos

4 Websites You Can Explore

You are here at our Jansen Art Studio and Sidney Fine Art Center website.  Here you can read about our products and watch over 250 free video lessons.

Jansen Art Store is our online shopping area.  Wide variety of everything we use.

Jansen Art Online is our online classes and seminars.  All classes are lifetime enrollment so take your time.

Jansen Art Gallery is our online gallery.  Here you can see what paintings we have available and see some of the past collections.

Paint It Simply  This is a support website that shows links to various resources within our Paint It Simply learn to paint program.

Jansen Art Store Jansen Art Online Jansen Art Gallery Paint It Simply

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