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DeAnn has been painting and teaching with the JansenArt teaching system since 1998. She owns a gallery and studio in Alabama and represents the Heritage Acrylic paint line in the USA. David has been a professional artist for over 40 years teaching in more than 25 different countries. His paintings are in numerous collections including the White House and Smithsonian. In 2007 he was knighted by France for his work in the Arts. He created the JansenArt painting system in 1998, and Paint It Simply in 2010. Jessica is a 3rd generation artist. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts and has been teaching worldwide in the JansenArt system since 2002. Jessica is a co-owner of the Jansen Art Studio. Tamae was a pharmacist who retired to become an artist. She has been painting and teaching in the JansenArt system since 2000. She represents the JansenArt system in Japan. Together they present 100 years of teaching and painting experience to help you improve your artistic skills.


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Website- http://www.deannsartstudio.com/

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Website- http://JansenArtStudio.com, http://JansenArtStore.comhttp://JansenArtOnline.com,  http://JansenArtGallery.com

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Website-http://JansenArtStudio.com, http://JansenArtStore.comhttp://JansenArtOnline.com,  http://JansenArtGallery.com

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Website- http://www.tamaeart.com

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