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Surface Preparation

Preparing Wood Surface for Paint Decoration

Paint It Simply and Other Lessons.
Note- Adding MultiSurface Sealer is a great thing to do, however with many quick lessons where I want a softer more matte surface to the paint, I do not add Sealer.  Artist Choice.

 Place your desired mix on your palette.  Here is the mixed color Bartlett.


Mix the colors together with a palette knife.


For Rosemaling pieces or surfaces I want a little harder, I add an equal amount of MultiSurface Sealer.  For many hardboards and MDF panels, I just use the paint, no sealer is added.


Mix the sealer well if you added it.  Apply to the surface.


Apply the color to the surface with a sponge or brush. Here I am using the mixed color Medium White without sealer.


Sand the surface lightly with 180 or 150 grit sandpaper.  Do not use 320 or 400 as you will make the surface too slick for paints to adhere to it.  Sketch design and you are ready to go!