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Paint It Simply Approach to Color Mixing

Special Note From David
I started teaching color theory in 1983 after 4 years of college chemistry and physics.  Physics helped me so much with the study of light.  Artists need to know certain principles of light to do proper color mixing.  There is a wide range of theories that artists have used over the years to present color.  What we try to do is to explain color and mixes in a very easy to understand format we call "Paint It Simply".  It will still require some study and practice, but we try to present is an easy and simplistic format.  For our mixing, you need at least the 6 color set.  As you advance, you may want to add a 12 color or Historic tones set if you want to make more historical colors.  Color theory is something you can keep easy, or advance as far as you like.  I am always studying and learning and will present these concepts to you in these lessons.  Let's start our color journey!

Overview of Paint It Simply

Paint It Simply Starts with the 6 Color Basic Set.  From there you can expand to other colors.  Why only 6 colors?  Well in beginning color classes we learn that the 3 primaries of red, yellow and blue can make all colors in the wheel.  Just like your computer printers use 4 inks, (cyan, yellow, magenta, black) to create millions of colors on white paper, we can use a limited number of colors as artists to produce a huge variety of colors using the same mixing principles.  Paint It Simply though goes way beyond that.  We also will learn historic colors, the temperature of color, tonal qualities, etc that artists use to create beautiful paintings. 

Basic  Color Palettes

Start with the 6 colors set, then as you progress through our system, add additional sets for more color mixing options

6 Color Basic Set 

Red Violet   Naphthol Red Light      Hansa Yellow     Titanium White   Carbon Black    Phthalo Blue

Lessons and Colors Needed

Heritage MutlitMedia comes in 32 beautiful pigmented colors.  Our goal is to not only teach you painting techniques but also teach you how to color mix, first with limited colors and then with other historic and contemporary tones if you choose to add those.   Paint It Simply Lessons require the 6 color basic set and then progress into the 12 color set.  We also have a few lessons with the first historic tone expansion taking your palette to 14 colors.  It is your option to expand your colors, or keep them at the original 6 colors.  Artists are different and have different goals and desires.  We are here to help you with your own personal journey.  

Let's Start Our Journey!  

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Ready for the Next Step in Understanding Color?

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