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Welcome to Making Background Colors with the Limited Palette

Mixes below use the 6 color basic set.   Some colors are then expanded with the palette mixes found on Palette Mixes Page

Example- 4 parts Hansa, 2 parts Black, 1 Phthalo Blue, 1 Red Violet

Paint It Simply Backgrounds

Below are some of the colors we used to create the unique backgrounds of the Paint It Simply program. These colors are created from some of the popular designer colors used today. Mixing these colors are easy. We highly suggest that you make your palette before making these colors because sometimes you will find the palette colors used to alter the tone of these background colors. Note: It will be difficult to match the color you see here because these colors may vary a little depending on your computer monitor. The basic rule for color harmony is a common color. You will notice that all colors used in the backgrounds contain a touch of Base Brown or the Red + Black. This is a common color in the program and when you make any color....any color, it will have harmony and beauty with all the other colors as long as a touch of that color is included in the mix. Let the colors be slightly different, and give yourself the freedom to alter the colors to what you like!!!!!!

 Aged Pine

2 parts Toned Dark Green + 1 part Hansa Yellow + 1 part Titanium White


4 parts Hansa Yellow + 2 parts Carbon Black + 1 Part Phthalo Blue + 1 part Red Violet