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Welcome to Paint With Us- Paint It Simply Concept Lessons

Artist Techniques and Concepts for Heritage Acrylics

Paint With Us
Here you will find pages of inspirational videos to help you learn how to paint.  It is all free.  All the videos may be watched as many times as you like.   The videos progress through different painting concepts helping you expand your toolbox of ideas and techniques.  We are here to open the world of art for you.  These videos will use the Paint It Simply approaches to painting.  Let's have some fun, come paint with us!

Paint It Simply is a program that David started in 2010.  Paint It Simply is concept lessons, designed to teach you how to paint with just a few supplies and with very simple techniques.  During our careers, we have seen the painting industry expand to thousands of colors, thousands of brushes, and techniques that are quite frankly difficult to master.  They are also very confusing and create a lot of frustration in new artists.  With Paint It Simply, we eliminate all clutter and simplify the rules of painting.

Paint It Simply returns to the basics of art.  The program uses time tested techniques and brush skills that are easier to master and creates wonderful visual effects.  David has created over 500 lessons in the Paint It Simply program since 2010.  Each year new lessons are added, while still keeping the concept simple.   Less cost, faster painting, easier techniques and most of all lots of fun!  These are the goals of the program.


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