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PaintChips: The Summer EditionSent on 14 March 2019
Special OrderSent on 14 January 2019
New Online ClassesSent on 10 December 2018
New Book ReleaseSent on 15 August 2018
New Online ClassSent on 12 July 2018
DVD Closeouts & New UploadsSent on 11 June 2018
2 New Books Pre-Order SpecialSent on 28 February 2018
New Video LessonsSent on 09 February 2018
Art Videos Direct Now OpenSent on 26 January 2018
Art Filled ChristmasSent on 12 December 2017
Online Class Opening SoonSent on 11 November 2017
Jansen Art Studio NewsSent on 01 September 2017
New YouTube Video LessonSent on 28 July 2017
NEW Long Handled BrushesSent on 29 May 2017
Seminar DVD Special EndingSent on 29 April 2017
New DVD Lesson, Special EndsSent on 21 March 2017
Last Day to OrderSent on 09 January 2017
New Free YouTube VideosSent on 06 January 2017
1 Week Left to OrderSent on 02 January 2017
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