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New Gallery Techniques DVDsSent on 11 October 2016
Last Chance PreOrderSent on 01 October 2016
New Exciting Lessons!Sent on 22 September 2016
New Lesson for your Painting JourneySent on 04 September 2016
New Lessons. Time to Paint!Sent on 27 August 2016
New E Dowload SaleSent on 24 August 2016
Garden of Flowers Painting BookSent on 21 August 2016
New Art of Painting BookSent on 13 August 2016
Mastering Roses Vol 5 SpecialSent on 29 July 2016
New Book and SpecialsSent on 06 July 2016
New Book and SpecialsSent on 29 June 2016
Jansen Art SpecialsSent on 21 June 2016
New Seascape Video LessonSent on 16 June 2016
Book Specials End this WeekSent on 21 May 2016
New Garden of Flowers BookSent on 24 April 2016
Mastering Roses PreOrder EndsSent on 16 April 2016
Mastering Roses Vol 3 and 4Sent on 04 April 2016
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